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Terms and Conditions


Any item(s) purchased from Fen-Acre Computer Services may be returned, for a refund or exchange (if available) providing the following conditions are satisfied;

(1) The item(s) have proved to be physically faulty.
(2) The item(s) have proved to be incompatible with existing hardware.
In addition, any returned items are subject to the conditions below:

The items are within the warranty conditions, i.e. 30 Days Return to Base (RTB) on second user items or the manufacturer’s terms on new items.

The customer is responsible for all costs in the return of damaged or faulty goods to Fen-Acre for testing, any claim for compensation of these costs is at the sole discretion of Fen-Acre.

An original invoice (or invoice number) can be produced for the original sale or other reasonable evidence to support that the items were purchased from us on the date, and at the price claimed.

The item(s) are returned in the same state that they left our premises and have not been subject to any abuse or neglect whatsoever.

The item(s) are returned complete with any screws, cables, manuals or similar that were present either as part of the item(s) or part of a package sold consisting of the returned item(s).

The item(s) should be returned with their original packaging (if applicable) fully intact, for return to manufacturer.

NOTE: Because of the nature of the product and its susceptibility to electrostatic damage, all memory modules are tested before they are offered for sale. Modules will only be changed if they are incompatible with existing hardware.


A full refund cannot be given if the returned item(s) do not satisfy the above criteria or if the item(s) have been subject to electrostatic damage or incorrect handling.

In particular; any item(s) which are returned and are neither faulty nor incompatible (see above) will be subject to a handling charge of 25% of the original selling price.


Fen-Acre takes no responsibility whatsoever for data loss. Although we take unprecedented steps to ensure customer data is protected at all times, the nature of the task is such that we cannot guarantee total 100% data protection. Therefore customers are advised that all data should be backed up before committing it to any work needed.

Fen-Acre will not under any circumstances load illegal software. Fen-Acre will only load software that is provided with a valid license key or that is freeware. Any software that has been preloaded on the computer cannot be backed up or reloaded unless the software is provided with a valid license key.


All PCs are sold formatted (unless otherwise specified). It is up to the end user to load only genuine, licensed software onto the equipment purchased.

Any warranty is void if unauthorized work is carried out on the PC; this includes the fitment of extra optical drives, cards, etc.


Any repairs (not software related) carried out to hardware products are limited to the terms given at time of invoicing and agreed with customer before carrying out work.

Website & Hosting

Website hosting up-to 250mb per site. (unless otherwise agreed)
Email accounts 250mb per account, mail returned if mailbox reaches limit. (unless otherwise agreed)

Web-site backups remain the responsibility of the customer updating their website, or Fen-Acre if a monthly update & maintenance contract is in place to maintain the site.

Email back-ups are and will remain the responsibility of the customer, webmail is not a featured part of our email hosting service, mail on the server will be deleted after 14 days.

Fen-Acre Computer Services use BlueHost.com to offer good quality low cost hosting, Fen-Acre will not be held liable for damages of any kind for events within or outside our control.

Fen-Acre are not legally responsible for any material uploaded by a third party onto its hosting services. If any illegal activity, fraudulent or defamatory or other illegal content were found or reported to Fen-Acre, this would be recorded and forwarded to the relevant authorities to deal with this. 

Any items not collected within 90 Days are disposed of, to cover the cost of the repair only.
Invoiced items remain the property of Fen-Acre until full payment has been received, customers remain liable for the cost of unpaid items not returned to Fen-Acre. Fen-Acre reserves the right to physically recover goods for unpaid invoices, after a period of 3 months. This may involve the use of legal debt recovery services if required.

This does not affect your statuary rights. E&OE.